Fire rips through garage, room above at Lincoln home

The home, on Winterberry Court is in the Lime Rock section of LIncoln.

Fire destroyed the garage and bedroom above it at a house on Winterberry Court in the Lime Rock section of Lincoln.

Homeowner Joaquim Galvao was just pulling into the driveway around 7 p.m. Tuesday when he saw his family outside.{} He told NBC 10, "They were waving frantically and I thought they were just saying hi but I could see the fire."

Galvao said he ran in and saw the refrigerator in the garage on fire. He tried to put it out himself.

"I thought it was the electrical cord or something. But when I got there the fire was inside the refrigerator. All of a sudden it started going up and I had to get out of there."

Lime Rock Fire Chief Frank Sylvester told NBC 10, "The fire got out of hand. They called in the alarm. As my fire apparatus was responding, they called a code red because they came around the corner from the top of the hill they could see the house going pretty well."

Everyone got out safe.

But the roof to Galvao's son's bedroom collapsed into the garage below.{} The main part of the house had smoke and water damage.

Sylvester said, "Our main goal was to save the house. We knew the garage was pretty well gone when we pulled up. The roof was all up in flames."

The family is now forced to stay elsewhere.