Newport Creamery damaged by fire

A local landmark in Barrington was closed Tuesday because of a fire.

Barrington's fire chief said an electrical fire started in the basement of the Newport Creamery restaurant at about 10 p.m. Monday. It took crews three hours to fully extinguish the fire.

Fire officials said the fire was sparked by an active wire in the storage room. Damage was contained to that room.

Neighboring businesses also lost power due to the fire. Most were able to reopen at normal hours Tuesday.

"It shouldn't hold us back at all," said Stephen Brown-Boone, the general manager of Mangia Neapolitan Pizza.

It's the second time Mangia has lost power in two weeks; the first being the blizzard.

"We opened up on Monday before the blizzard. So, we had four days of business, lost power Friday night for three days," Owner Jon McGloin said.

Other than those two incidents, McGloin said the strip-mall hasn't lost power in more than 50 years.

While most businesses were able to open their doors at the regular time Tuesday, for some this fire brings back difficult memories.

"I was shocked when I heard the news. It brought me back to the time when we had our fire here," Elaine Felag said.

Felag owns Feminine Fancies. An arsonist set fire to the business next door to hers 13 years ago. That fire put Felag out of business for five months.

"That five months was the longest five months of my life and the busiest five months of my life," Felag said.

Barrington fire officials said they expect the restaurant will reopen soon.

Owners of the Newport Creamery refused to speak to the media about their plans to reopen.