Deer rescued from crevice euthanized

A deer that was freed from a rocky crevice in Tiverton was euthanized Friday, a town animal control officer said.

Animal control officer Paul Bell said during an examination, the deer showed no sign of wanting to move. The deer had no major injuries that were visible, but Bell said it may have been sick.

The Crawford family of Deer Run Road said their dog, Obi Jon, found the deer Thursday trapped in a crevice near their yard.

"Obi went out this morning and started sniffing around the rocks and throughout the day was just obsessed with going to that particular spot. And later on when I looked in, I could see fur, and I threw some snow and it moved. And then Danielle peeked into the hole and the deer's face was up, and she said, 'There's a deer in there,'" Dee Crawford said.

The family called Tiverton animal control for help.

"There was a deer stuck between two large boulders, and Mr. Bell tried his best to try to get him out by himself, but he called for assistance from the fire department," Fire Chief Robert Lloyd said.

"When we arrived on scene, we found a very unique situation where there was a deer stuck very tightly between two pieces of ledge. The deer had slipped off the rocks and slid down, and from trying to get out, it made itself worse. It just buried itself farther and farther away," said Lt. Robert Gagnon.

Lloyd said police and fire rescuers tried using the Jaws of Life and other tools to try to free the deer.

"In the end, as a last ditch effort, what we did was we took some warm soapy water, and we poured some warm soapy water on its back and we were able to make it loose enough or slip enough so where we could grab it," Gagnon said.

In addition to thanking the Tiverton firefighters, the Crawfords praised Obi Jon.

"Oh, he's a hero. In my daughter's eyes he always has been. Tonight he got extra supper. He's getting extra 'night night' cookies. He's a hero," Dee Crawford said.

The Crawfords intended to shelter the deer until it recovered and returned to the woods.