Fireworks Warning


Police are increasing patrols in preparation for the Fourth of July.

This year they're cracking down on illegal fireworks and they won't be shy about making arrests.

If it leaves the ground, or makes a big sound, it's an illegal firework.

"Firecrackers, M-80's, Roman Candles, anything that shoots off the ground aerial displays with a report, makes a big sbang, those are illegal," said Chief John LaCross of the Barrington Police Department.

If you're caught with any of those Barrington Police Chief John LaCross says expect to get caught, he's increasing patrolmen for this weekend in preparation for the fourth of July.

"If you get caught with those it can be anything from a misdemeanor to a felony," he said.

The Barrington Beach is town property, that means even if you have legal fireworks it's illegal to set them off here it's also off limits at Allin's cove, schools, playgrounds and any other town properties.

Steve Kolkka and his wife Cheryl watch illegal fireworks shows in their neighborhood each year, kids put on big shows with parental supervision.

"Every year, every year we have a show right in front of our house," said Cheryl Kolkka.

"From what we've seen they seem to be taking care and setting it away from homes and away from people," Steve Kolkka said.

The Kolkka's say extra effort to squash illegal firework activity is futile.

"I really don't see any need to stop it especially if it's done at a reasonable hour," Cheryl Kolkka said.

If you'll be taking in local fireworks as a viewer, we have a fireworks calendar available on turn to 10 dot com. You'll find it on the home page or under the entertainment tab.