First responders hold active threat drill at East Providence school

An East Providence police officer participating in a drill involving an intruder at Riverside Middle School leads students out of the building on Friday, May 23, 2014.

First responders honed their skills at a training exercise at Riverside Middle School in East Providence.

"This is the first time we've done an active threat, bringing the police in to simulate the drill," said Principal Stephen Drew.

The exercise involved an intruder with a rifle in the building.

Police departments practiced how they should respond and how to enter the building when they see an active threat.

Chief Oscar Elmasian of the East Providence Fire Department said he was glad they held the drill because they learned some things too.

"There's some work we need to catch up on because we don't have an automatic response for an active shooter in any building, so my command staff will be addressing this in a short period of time. And also when they have a lockdown, we don't have an automatic response to this and I feel it should be a unified command with the police department. We'll be secondary, they'll be the lead role," he said.

The exercise involved students, teachers, administrators and first responders.