Flanagan sees Fall River as Olympic venue

Braga Bridge, Fall River

Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan is making his case to bring the Olympic Games to Southern New England.

Boston is one of four U.S. cities potentially in the running for the 2024 Summer Games. If selected, the mayor wants to bring some of the events to Fall River.

Flanagan isn't expecting Fall River to be the host city. He just wants the city to host an event or two.

That's why he wrote a letter Thursday, reaching out to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. With his Olympic pedigree, Romney is just the guy Flanagan said he needs to point the way.

"Gov. Romney really helped spearhead the Olympics in Salt Lake City. He made that a very profitable, a very memorable, and a very successful Olympic Games," Flanagan told NBC 10 News.

In his letter, Flanagan outlines some key factors that may make Fall River an attractive event site. He cited its proximity to Boston and the infrastructure already in place for transportation in and out of the city.

"The city of Fall River is less than 60 miles away from Boston, approximately 15 miles away from Providence. We are located near major waterways, major highways. So, I'd love to see a venue here," Flanagan said.

Of course, the socioeconomic impact that even just one event could have on the community is enormous.

"You're bringing in thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, into your community. That's tourism for the city. It also creates jobs. You have to build the stadium. You have to build the villages. You have to construct what is needed to make these games a success," Flanagan said.

The bidding for the 2024 Olympic Games begins next year.

The United States Olympic Committee has chosen Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as candidates for a potential U.S. bid.