Fliers react to new knives-on-planes policy

Passengers at T.F. Green Airport were frustrated Wednesday, both by delayed flights and looser regulations.

The Transportation Security Administration announced it will remove a partial ban on knives as carry-ons. The new rules allow passengers to bring knives smaller than 6 cm. or about two and one thirds inch on board.

"I don't see why you need a pocketknife on board," Marieke Koury said before boarding her flight, Wednesday.

The rules were put in place after the September 11th terrorist attacks more than 11 years ago. The T.S.A. says lifting this ban will allow agents at the security gate to focus on more serious threats.

"We are trying to focus on the highest risk that being the non-metallic improvised explosive devices. We don't want small knives or sporting equipment to be a distraction," T.S.A. Administrator, John Pistole said.

Also on the new list of approved items for carry-on are two golf clubs, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks or pool cues. "Why potentially jeopardize the safety of the passengers?" passenger, Robert Stevens said.

"For years and years we're taking off our shoes, belts and yet we're giving somebody an opportunity to bring on some kind of a weapon?" passenger, Matt McNew said.

The new rules take effect April 25th these rules bring the United States into alignment with international safety regulations.