Flooding reported on Pawtuxet River

As the Pawtuxet River reached flood level, anxiety also rose among many homeowners in the area about water coming into their basements.

On Perkins Avenue in Cranston, Dave Englund already had a few inches in his basement by Monday night. "This is nothing. It may look like a lot, 3 inches," Englund told NBC10.

Unfortunately, Englund has been through this plenty times before and then some. His Perkins Avenue home was in one the hardest hit areas of the historic flooding 3 years ago.

Back then he got a ride out on a boat from emergency crews. "We had 10-and-a-half feet. We'd be under water right now," he said from his basement.

In March 2010, the water was halfway up the walls on the main level of his home.

And the story still isn't over.

Several homes in the neighborhood are now empty as a result of the flooding. Englund and others want out but can't sell. Now he's waiting for the offer on a government buyout. "You feel like a nomad. You feel like this is your home, but it's not your home."

Storms like the current one are another reminder of the saga. "When I tell people we've had 3 inches, they're like, 'oh my gosh, you've had flooding.' I'm like 3 inches is moisture in our house. It's nothing," Englund said. "I think the big thing right now is our kids. Every time it rains, our daughter who is 8 years old, is like, 'are we going to get a flood?' That hits home."

The National Weather Service said a flood warning{}was in effect until further notice.

Storm Team 10 said heavy rain is expected late Monday into Tuesday.