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      Florida prosecutor reviewing FBI shooting related to Boston Marathon bombings

      The top prosecutor in Orlando said Thursday that he will review what led to the fatal shooting of a Chechen immigrant during questioning by the FBI and other agents over the man's ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.{}{} {}State Attorney Jeff Ashton said he has received a preliminary report by the federal Department of Justice about its investigation into the death of Ibragim Todashev last May.{}{} {}Ashton says there is no schedule for when he will complete his review.{}{} {}Todashev was killed while being questioned by FBI agents and police from Massachusetts and Florida. Officials originally said Todashev lunged at an FBI agent with a knife. They later said it was no longer clear what happened.{}{} {}An investigation is being led by the FBI.{}{} {}A spokesman for the FBI's Tampa office referred all questions to the agency's Washington office. A spokesman for the Washington office didn't respond to an email inquiry.