Former candidate pleads not guilty to DUI

Former congressional candidate Michael Riley pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of DUI and resisting arrest.

Narragansett police pulled him over in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

According to the police report, Riley unleashed profanities on the officers, saying, "You're (expletive). You're going to lose your job for this."

The police report also Riley "pulled his hand away and screamed, 'I ran for (expletive) (expletive) Congress. You're (expletive).'"

There was no comment from Riley after his appearance in Washington County District Court, but his lawyer, Lise Gescheidt, spoke for him.

"Michael Riley is the kind of guy who if he made a mistake in judgment, he would acknowledge that mistake. And similarly, if there were other people who were party to that incident who made mistakes or erred in judgment, they too should be held accountable," Gescheidt said.

Narragansett police said Riley resisted arrest to the point he had to be pepper-sprayed and placed on the ground.

The head of internal affairs for Narragansett police said the department stands by the officers' actions.

Riley's attorney said she wouldn't comment yet on the police report or the evidence against him, instead saying that her client has health issues.

"He's a good and honorable man not in good health. He's had three heart attacks and a pacemaker," Gescheidt said.

Riley, a Republican who lost to incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin last year, was released on $2,000 personal recognizance. His case is due back in court in two weeks.