Former Central Falls mayor reports to federal prison

Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau reported to federal prison Monday to being serving time for corruption.

Moreau will serve his two-year sentence about 500 miles from Central Falls at the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md., in the western part of the state. He is listed as inmate No. 08859-070.

The prison website details how the former mayor will likely spend his days with almost no personal privacy. Moreau will follow a strict regimen in a cramped space, according to a former prisoner's blog posting, who said as many as six inmates bunk in 15-by-15 foot cells.

Moreau is required to work and could even make license plates. The prison is known for producing them. Inmates are paid between 12 and 40 cents an hour.

While there, Moreau could run into former New York City police commissioner and Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Bernard Kerik, who's serving time for conspiracy, mail fraud and lying to the IRS.

Joseph Burchfield is there, too. The former North Providence town councilman is serving about five years for taking cash bribes with two other former councilmen.

Moreau was sentenced last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. He resigned as mayor of Central Falls in November and admitted to hiring his friend and political donor, Michael Bouthillette, to board up foreclosed homes without putting the work out to bid.

The former mayor admitted he accepted a new furnace and free work from the contractor. Prosecutors believe the amount was about $25,000.

Bouthillette also pleaded guilty to federal charges. He was sentenced to a full year of community service.

Moreau's lawyer, former House Speaker Bill Murphy said he's disappointed Moreau wasn't placed closer to his family and two young sons, who are 5 and 8 years old.