Former players to current team: Soak it all in

Chris Wright's brother, Brendan Wright, is playing for this year's Cumberland American Little League team. Chris Wright was a member of the 2011 Cumberland American team that participated in the Little League World Series.

The Little League World Series parade is a town-wide festival in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Roads were closed, lawn chairs were out and everyone was ready for a big party Wednesday.

"While I was here, there was just so many people. I think there was like 45,000 and we just went through and we looked out and we were just astonished at how many people went through. It was just awesome," Conor Lavallee said.

Lavallee, James Belisle and Chris Wright were members of the Cumberland American team that participated in the Little League World Series in 2011.

"It's weird. Everyone's focusing their attention on you. It's pretty cool," Belisle said.

For James, his father, Dave Belisle and brother Jack Belisle, are back in Williamsport playing for a world title. His advice: soak it all in.

"We'll it's kind of cool. My dad's been here twice now. My little brother can kind of see what I went through. It's kind of cool," James Belisle said.

Chris Wright's brother, Brendan, is also on this year's team.

"I told my brother to play every game like it's your last because you never know when you're going to stop playing," Chris Wright said.

And it all starts with the parade through town in front of thousands. These are the things dreams are made of.

"It's probably the best experience you'll have in your life so you have to enjoy it - win or lose," Chris Wright said.