Former teacher accused of posting threatening tweets

Coventry police on Friday arrested a former Coventry High School teacher for what they called a series of so-called threatening messages on Twitter.

Todd Gillheeney, 33, was arraigned in Kent County District Court on charges of threats to public officials, cyber stalking, and harassing phone calls.

Gillheeney was released on personal recognizance with some court-ordered conditions. He must live with his parents, have no contact with Coventry High School administrators, and not go near any Coventry school buildings.

NBC 10 checked, and the messages were still posted and appear to have begun Thursday morning.

The first one, posted at noon, said, "Dead man walking."

About one hour later, a message posted on Gillheeney's account said, "Judgement day, let the countdown begin."

Then, at 6:38 p.m., this post appeared: "All I need is a stage."

One hour later, "Enjoy tonight, redemptions creeping."

A final message, posted at 10:26 p.m., said, "Pretty much."

Coventry police said they began their investigation two hours earlier.

At 2 a.m. Friday, Coventry police executed a search warrant on Gillheeney's home on Larchmont Drive. They say they found a high-power rifle, several magazines and more than 400 rounds of ammunition.

Investigators said they also seized assorted computers and phones.

NBC 10 looked back into Gillheeney's apparent Twitter account. Over the past few weeks, he repeatedly posted Friday's date, 3-1-13.