Foster police officer helps deliver baby

Officer Michael Kitson of the Foster Police Department talks with NBC 10 after he helped a woman who was in labor.

Patrolman Michael Kitson was trained as an EMT before he joined the Foster Police Department.

But the call he got Saturday night was unexpected.

A woman was going into labor at her home on Howard Hill Road, just down the road from the police station.

"Soon as I walked in there, put on my gloves and she said that the baby was going to be coming out," Kitson said.

The officer said it was the first time he'd ever delivered a baby.

His EMT training allowed him to handle the situation safely, but with an added concern. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby girl's neck and she wasn't breathing.

Kitson was able to use his training and quick instincts to remove the cord and clear the baby's airway.

"Once the air was clear, the baby started crying, kicking, moving, it was in good health," he said.

Rescue workers showed up to take the mother and baby to the hospital, where both are safe and healthy.

Kitson said while it wasn't a call he expected, if it ever happens again he'll be ready.

"If it does, it'll be number two. I got the old stork wings now, so we'll see what happens," he said.