Foster Teen Hailed a Hero

For the first time, seventeen year Bobby Hutson of Foster is the family of the man who's life he's credited with saving, 86 year old Edgar Albert of Clayville.
It was the afternoon of April 9th, Bobby was riding his dirt bike on a rocky trail on the Scituate Foster line when he found Albert who had had an accident with his moped.

"I sat him down, put a shirt over his head and put pressure; it's what I learned in the Boy Scouts and I called paramedics right away," said Hutson.

Albert's sister Mary Soucie couldn't be more grateful, telling NBC 10, "he did everything right, we're very proud of him."

"I'll always remember you," Soucie told Hutson.

Albert's family he would have died if Hutson hadn't happened by.
Hutson, who's going for his Eagle badge, received a card from Soucie, who said Hutson saved her brother's life.
Coincidentally, two years ago, Hutson was involved in an ATV accident in which two neighbors came to his rescue, he says helping Albert is his way of paying it forward.