Four boys charged in Providence arson fires

Police have charged three boys in connection wtih a fire at a house on Lexington Avenue.

Providence police have charged four boys in connection with a house fire and another fire, and said a neighbor who took a photo of the suspects helped them crack the case.

Investigators said Wednesday three boys have been charged with first-degree arson, conspiracy and breaking and entering in connection with a house fire on Lexington Avenue. One of the boys, and a fourth boy, also face fourth-degree arson charges after being accused of setting fire to a picnic table behind the Elmwood Community Center.

Investigators said neighbors came forward with information that helped them in the case.

"A neighbor actually saw the two boys setting the fire. She went out, confronted them, and then when the juveniles were fleeing, she took a picture with her cell phone and that's how we cracked the case," said Chief Clarence Cunha of the Providence Fire Department.

All of the boys have been charged in Family Court.

Investigators said they don't know if the suspects were also responsible for any other fires in the same area. However, they said no other fires have been set since the first arrests were made June 7.