Foxborough wedding venue being rebuilt

Lakeview Pavilion, Foxoborough

A popular wedding place is going to rise from the ashes.

The Lakeview Pavilion in Foxborough burned to the ground in April while a wedding was under way.

A wedding will be the first event when it reopens next fall.

Careless smoking outside the Lakeview Pavilion spread inside, gutting the structure. There was a wedding taking place when everyone noticed smoke.

Fortunately, everyone got out and there were no injuries, but then came the scramble to re-book already planned events elsewhere.

A new Lakeview Pavilion is taking shape.

"The fire on April 5 may have destroyed our building, but our passion and determination is stronger than ever," co-owner Anastasia Tsoumbanos told NBC 10 News.

The new venue will be 25,000 square feet, all modern, with a nod to the past. The old place had been in business 108 years.

"We could be looking at a bunch of rubble and you guys could be gone and probably people wouldn't blame you because it was so devastating. But it means a lot to the community that you stuck it out and are coming back," Foxborough Town Selectman James DeVellis told the owners.

Many from the community were on hand Thursday, including the man whose parents originally owned the property and opened the first ballroom -- Massachusetts state Sen. Richard Ross.

He also spoke glowingly at the groundbreaking.

"We appreciate the fact that, and I know my family does as well, that you are building that same kind of story that we had back then for yourselves now," Ross said.

The couple that signed the first contract to be wed in the new Lakeview Pavilion in September 2015 stopped by for co-owners Anastasia and Natalia.

Rose Delorme and her fianc, Vernaldi Metayer, stood in a pouring rain, all smiles.

"They were so welcoming to us, and so just as much as they are willing to share in our joy, we want to be able to share in their joy as well," Delorme said.