Friends for fire victims fundraiser

While it might not have looked like it to the casual observer, everyone at the Friends for Fire Victims Fundraiser on Sunday was hard at work despite the jovial atmosphere.

Their goal was to try to help their friends through a tough time.

Nikki Bullock, her boyfriend, Jarrod, and their 19-month-old son moved into a new home on Black Plain Road in Exeter on June 1.

The house burned to the ground the next day. What was supposed to be a dream come true, quickly became a nightmare that the family could not wake up from.

Possibly the most difficult part of this story to come to terms with more so than losing everything they own, is the fact that someone might have done it on purpose. An arson investigation remains open as does a reward for anyone with more information. In the meantime, good karma comes back to them by way of good friendships.

First it was a website collecting donations, and they'll be holding a yard sale June 6 and 7 with all proceeds going to the displaced couple.