Friends react to latest homicide

One Providence family is in unimaginable pain while police continue to scour the city looking for these two young men.

Take a good look at the photo of Felix Olivares seen, and Knogvannark 'Ricky' Maloney _.

Police want to year from you if you have seen them, or know where they are.

That's because Providence detectives say the pair were involved in gunning down a local man in broad daylight.

Lilly Duree said, "I know the victim. He's like my brother, but I don't know what to say, I don't know I can't do it, I can't talk. I'm going to cry."

The shocked Duree is talking about the horrific scene Federal Hill neighbors witnessed right in the middle of their day, on a rainy Friday in Providence.

Major David Lapatin said, "It looks like we had two vehicles strike each other, parties got out of one vehicle and shot into the other, we have a person that was taken to Rhode Island Hospital where he was pronounced dead."

When the shooting was over, it was 20 year old Johenllysk Gabriel Espinal (John Gabriel Espinal), a Lincoln Tech Dental Student and dad who was dead, leaving his two-year-old little girl, with no father.

Lilly Duree said, "He's got a daughter, she's two. So now like, she has no father now. What are you supposed to say to your daughter? She always asks for him, always. We call her Nina, and she was always like 'Eh Papi,' as in, 'Where's my father?' So like imagine"

The victim, 'Gabby,' as he's known around Providence, lived in Wiggin Village.

Sources from the complex tell NBC10 it was the new boyfriend of Gabby's baby's mother who shot 20-year-old Gabby in broad daylight, and then fled.

Providence police say they're now on the hunt for Felix Olivares seen, and Knogvannark 'Ricky' Maloney.

Major David Lapatin said, "We're looking for him, and hopefully we'll have him in custody, or should I say them very shortly."

The pictures of the crime scene say it all.

Both windows of Gabby's car were shattered by the heavy gunfire, a half drunk Dunkin Donuts iced coffee was still sitting on the passenger's seat, and a string of rosary beads dangled from the rear view mirror.

Gabby's lifelong friends say they're simply devastated.

His buddy Laron said, "He's not a bad kid at all, he goes to school, he takes care of his daughter, he works, it's not the right thing. It's not right."

And when asked if Gabby had any gang affiliations Laron said, "No, he's not a gang member, nothing like that. He's a good kid, going to school and trying to make a better life for him and his child."

If you see either of the alleged suspects in this case, you're urged to call Providence Police immediately.