Full service even during wicked winter weather

Wednesday was another winter storm in Southern New England, but it wasn't a snow day for Francis Barrett.

He was at work at the full service gas station 123 Service BRP in Attleboro.

And despite the wretched weather, it was right where he wanted to be.

"You have to do it no matter what the weather's like," Barrett said. "I worked all my life and I tried it and I just couldn't stay home and just do nothing."

The 71-year-old was happy to pump gas while customers stayed in their cars.

"There are a lot of people that don't know how to use a gas pump and people that just don't want to get out of their cars, and you can't blame them in this weather," Barrett said.

It reminds Barrett of years past.

"Years ago it was full service everywhere and that would include cleaning off your windshield as well as filing up your tank of gas. But you hardly ever see full service offered except for in two states, both New Jersey and Oregon. It's full service at every gas station," he said.

Barrett offers a bit of old-time service even in a cold, new world.

"My best friend's father owned a service (station) on the other side of the city. We were little kids. We used to go over there and we thought pumping gas was the greatest thing in the world," he said.