Ga. woman charged with animal cruelty in Conn.

Connecticut agriculture officials have accused a Georgia woman of trying to sell sick cats and dogs and charged her with animal cruelty.{}{} {}Donna Lee Carswell of Grovetown, Ga., was arrested in Madison on Saturday.{}{} {}The Department of Agriculture said Monday it conducted a sting operation after receiving complaints from consumers and the Rhode Island state veterinarian that Carswell was adopting out sick animals to Connecticut and Rhode Island residents.{}{} {}Carswell did not immediately respond to a message on her business page on Facebook requesting comment. A phone listing for her could not be found.{}{} {}Undercover officers met Carswell in a commuter parking lot, offering to purchase a dog. Agriculture officials seized 10 cats and two dogs in enclosures covered with feces and urine.{}{} {}The cats exhibited symptoms of respiratory distress and two were euthanized.