Breastfeeding mom claims she's victim of discrimination

Cori McKerley says she is a victim of descrimination at her job.

A new mother claims she is the victim of discrimination at her job at a fast food restaurant in West Greenwich because she takes breaks during her shift to pump breast milk.

The company that employs her has launched an investigation into her claims.

"I'm definitely frustrated and hurt," Cori McKerley told NBC 10.

Her emotions come from her job at the Popeye's chicken restaurant at the TA truck stop along I-95. She claims she is being discriminated against by her boss.

"She told me it was all due to breastfeeding," McKerley said.

McKerley said she told her boss that she would need breaks to pump when she was hired about a month ago as an assistant manager. But McKerley claims her pay and hours were cut within a couple weeks.

"She told me that holding a management position I couldn't breast feed, so that kind of set me back a little bit. She also told me I could obtain my position after being demoted if I was to stop breastfeeding," McKerley says.

The manager at Popeye's said McKerley's accusations were "completely untrue."

She then referred NBC 10 to TA's corporate spokesman for an official comment.

TA's corporate spokesman, Tom Liutkus, said that NBC 10's phone call was the first he'd heard of a problem.

"We will make sure all procedures have been followed and this employee has not been discriminated against," Liutkus said.

Liutkus said the company sent a field manager to the store Wednesday to investigate the allegations.

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