GED diploma testing may soon change in RI, Mass.

If you're a student trying to get your GED diploma - the message from administrators at Bristol Community College is to get it done now before things change.

"Yeah, I was going to. I better get it done now. As it is, it was a little difficult," said Bristol Community College student Maggie Marzuolo.

By the end of the year, the current GED may not be the test of choice in Massachusetts or Rhode Island for GED-eligible students. There may be a new test with new requirements.

"The classes will continue to teach adult basic ed in whatever the test will be. We'll help people to get their high school equivalency whatever way shape or form it takes in the future," said Cathleen DeSimone of Bristol Community College.

There's soon going to be more competition for the test.

"To my knowledge, there are three competitors out there for the new GED test," said Karen Miller of Bristol Community College.

The GED has been around since World War II, and was a way for returning soldiers to get their high school equivalency and it's become the standard nationwide.

Marzuolo has finished four of the required five tests to get her GED diploma. She is ready to finish without any issues.

"I want to get it done now before the new year because I don't want to do the new test," she said.