Child, 3, dies in fall from Providence apartment building

Yalia Santos, 3, with her aunt. (Family photo)

A 3-year-old girl fell from a sixth-floor window to her death at an apartment building in Providence on Friday night.

The incident happened at Hillcrest Village on Leander Street.

"The screen broke and she went right through the window. They should have gates on these things but they don't have no gates," said Elvis Ramos whose girlfriend is the victim's aunt.

The aunt identified the girl as Yalia Santos. The victim was with family visiting a grandmother.

Providence police told NBC 10 the girl's mother was in the apartment and went to go get something or was distracted, but she told investigators she had told her daughter to get away from the window.

The girl fell onto concrete six floors below.

Denise Perez ran outside when she heard Yalia's mom scream.

"The dad was on the bench. He was holding his daughter and he was crying. It was very emotional," she said.

Ramos called Yalia a beautiful girl.

Providence police said their investigation is ongoing.