Graduation date moved at Exeter-West Greenwich

Seniorsat Exeter-West Greenwich High School were told Wednesday at an assembly thattheir graduation date will be moved back a week to accommodate all thecancellations incurred this year due to weather and power outages.

Thedistrict canceled seven days due to weather and power outages, and with statelaw requiring seniors to attend school for a minimum of 171 days, thegraduation ceremony at the University of Rhode Island was moved from June 15 toJune 22.

"Ithink it was a big surprise," said senior Justin Thurber. "Especiallyfor families going away on vacation."

Mostof these students have been together for 12 years, and all they want to do isgraduate together.

"Literallywe just moved down the road with each other," senior Ashley Orwitz said."And now because of this, half the class isn't going to be there."

Dozensof students attended a meeting with school administrators after school onThursday.

However, plans have not changed, and Exeter-West Greenwich will be the last RhodeIsland school to hold its graduation ceremonies.