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      Grants available for 'pump-out' renovations, construction in RI

      The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is now accepting grant applications from public and private marinas and yacht clubs, looking to install or renovate their pump-out facilities.

      Cities and towns can also apply for the grants, from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Clean Vessel Act.{}

      Grants up to $18,750 are available for land-based work, and up to $56,250 is available for pump-out boats.

      Applicants would have to match 25 percent of the grant amount. {}{}{}{}

      A total of $200,000 is available.{}

      Rhode Island was the first state in country to receive a 'no discharge' designation from the Environmental Protection Agency in 1998.

      Applications are available on the DEM's website. The deadline to apply for a pump-out grant is May 7.