T.F. Green joins TSA Pre-Check program

Several flights flying in and out of T.F. Green Airport were delayed Tuesday because of stormy weather moving into much of the East.

While the weather may be putting a damper on travel plans, the Transportation Security Administration is expanding a program to Rhode Island that makes traveling a little less stressful.

Jonathan Sousa said his flight from Florida to Rhode Island was smooth sailing.

"No travel problems. I'm just ready for the bird. Thanksgiving baby," Sousa said. "Excellent, minus that it's cold out here."

For the most part, the Dehenes family said they too had a good trip to Rhode Island.

"No delays for us. It was easy out and easy getting in. So we'll take it," Allison Dehenes said.

That's music to the ears of Dan Burche and others who work for the TSA now that that they're seeing an increase in passengers.

"We started seeing loads yesterday at 95 percent load factors. They'll push in tomorrow at about 100 percent," Burche said.

Burche said part of the easy travel this year is due to the TSA's Pre-Check program, which is now available at Green and 100 other airports.

Travelers approved for TSA Pre-Check can keep their shoes and light outerwear on. They don't have to take their laptops or liquids and gels out of their bags.

"It's not less screening. We just do more on the front end," Burche said.

And it makes all the check-in lanes move faster and keeps the stress of traveling at bay.

"We've literally have had officers get hugs," Burche said.