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      North Providence gym members shocked to find closed sign

      Some local customers were frustrated Thursday when they found a closed sign outside a Gold's Gym in North Providence.

      NBC 10 received calls and Facebook posts from customers who say they were not notified that the gym on Smith Street was closing.

      "No emails. No phone calls. No nothing. You just come here and lose your money, that's it," Adam Lisker said.

      "I was here on Wednesday. I signed up for my Saturday spin class and it was the owner there that gave me the book and told me to sign up," said Michelle Hill of North Providence.

      According the sign, the rent was not paid and up to date.

      Other area health clubs were outside the location on Friday trying to recruit members outside the doors of the closed gym.

      "People have been coming in crying. I've hugged three people. There was a senior citizen that came here on a fixed income that joined two weeks ago and was like, 'What am I supposed to do now?'" said Bill Bento of Synrgy Health and Fitness.

      Synrgy Health and Fitness is located on Davol Square in Providence and is offering members a free month at the club. Other gyms were offering deals too.

      The Rhode Island Attorney General's Office told NBC 10 that gym-goers can file a consumer complaint with its office if they already pre-paid for a membership.

      The owner of the gym, David Walker, told NBC 10 that members are welcome to use the Warwick location, and that he has made a deal with Maxx Fitness to honor memberships at their two locations in Providence and at Lincoln Mall.

      Walker also says he was evicted from the location without notice though he admits he was reluctant to re-sign a lease because the building was in "disrepair."

      A call to the owner of the building was not returned on Friday.