Halloween display outside Johnston home vandalized

Every year, the Halloween display outside the Marsella's home onBishop Hill gets bigger and bigger.

"The kids really enjoy it. We really enjoy it," said DavidMarsella.

And everyone else seemed to enjoy it too, until someone destroyedseveral of their decorations and props.

"I've got a homemade cemetery. They broke all of the tombstonesand kicked stuff around and ripped the top off a coffin," Marsella said.

A tractor display was destroyed too. Marsella says about $400worth of damage was done.

The family reported the vandalism to police.

"We encourage people who may have also been vandalized to contactpolice so we can redirect patrols," said Maj. Joe Razzi of the Johnston PoliceDepartment.

Razzi said it's not unusual for this time of year and said "somepeople just don't like Halloween."