Health Check: Substance abuse recovery center collaborates with Y

It's a small house you might not notice as you're headed down the road to the Kent County YMCA in Warwick. But inside this home that once belong to the Y, big things are happening.

It is now the home of Rhode Island's second Anchor Recovery Community Center, where those in recovery from substance abuse meet.

The center hosts support groups, offers education and job training, and provides a positive environment free from drugs and alcohol. And now, collaboration between the Y and Anchor Recovery is bringing its mission full circle.

"It makes sense because part of recovery is the body, mind and spirit. So, you want to take care of everything and often when people in recovery were afraid to do outside things -- and the whole idea is to become a part of your community -- and you have a much better opportunity to recover if you're taking care of everything," said Jim Gillen, of Anchor Recovery Community Center.

"We have people in the YMCA today that are in recovery. Nobody knows that," said Paula Jacobson of the Kent County YMCA. "This partnership makes it a little more accessible for people and it's viable."

"I lost my job. I lost my family. I lost my car, my house, everything that was important to me. My self esteem, my will to live, everything," said Betty Moffat.

Moffat turned to the Providence Center for help, and she's now in a recovery house and taking advantage of this recovery community center and the Y.

Health navigators help make the transition into incorporating exercise in to a regular routine easier. Moffat is now seven months sober, and she works out on a regular basis.

"They've given me the courage to believe in myself," Moffat said.

This recovery community center opened in early February. The first one, in Pawtucket, opened its doors more than two years ago.