Health Check: Artist unveils Seasons Pass painting for blood center

"Breakthrough" by Cindy Baron

It's called the Seasons Pass, a Rhode Island Blood Center program that over the past 11 years has brought together art with the spirit of giving.

"When we began this program, we had 5,200 four-time-a-year donors. The idea was to have people donate once each season. We're now up over 10,000 four-time-a-year donors," blood center spokesman Frank Prosnitz said.

This year, Cindy Baron, a blood recipient, unveiled her painting she calls "Breakthrough."

"I decided to choose a storm and do a painting from South County," Baron said.

The scene is Hazard Rock in Narragansett during a storm.

"The reason why I chose that is the colors of the rocks are pink and the storms that come in, the waves are magnificent and beautiful and, you know what, as hard as storms are, people need blood, people need help. So, it has a double meaning," Baron said.

"I really believe in the mission of the Rhode Island Blood Center. I've donated. I grew up watching my dad donate," said artist Christine McIntyre-Hannon.

Next year, around this time, the Rhode Island Blood Center will be unveiling McIntyre-Hannon's painting. She gave us a preview.

"I paint mostly wildlife, delicate wildlife -- birds, butterflies, insects. I hope to bring that into the artwork. I also do a lot of landscape. We want to capture the Rhode Island environment but also show how nature's all interconnected, just like we're interconnected when we give blood," McIntyre-Hannon said.

People who've given a least four times between last March and this February will get Baron's print the next time they donate.