Health Check: Bicycle ride to benefit cancer patients

Corey Maher and Bruce Foster work in the interventional radiology department at Roger Williams Medical Center.

When they are not there, they're out on bicycles and it's more than just a fleeting pastime.

"We did a ride last year and we just did it for the fun of it to Canada, 24 hours straight. We went from here, left right after work, and we made it to the Canadian border, 300 miles," Foster said.

Then these cycling enthusiasts got to thinking.

"All of us have been touched by someone with cancer. In my particular case, I had a friend of mine, very good friend of mine, he was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer right around Christmas time," Maher said.

It's for that friend and for everyone who's been diagnosed with cancer with cancer that Maher and Foster plan to take the road on Friday afternoon.

"It's 500 miles give or take, depending on if we get lost or not - 48 hours," Foster said.

They're calling the trip, "Team Hope Ride to Washington, D.C." There will be minimal stops, and no sleep.

"Because it's symbolic of what cancer patients go through on a daily basis. So cancer never sleeps, so neither are we," Maher said.

"We have two support crews and they're going to be waiting for us. We're going to the Capitol steps and then we're going to get to sleep in the car on the way home," Foster said.

They say the support from co-workers is overwhelming.

Maher and Foster said they'll be back at work on Monday morning.

So far they've raised about $6,000 but they're hoping to raise more. The money raised will go in part to cancer programs at the hospital.