Health Check: Blackstone Valley Community Health Care launches app

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care is unveiling a new smartphone app.

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care is launching a new smartphone health app, but anyone can benefit from it.

"The testing process took some time. We wanted to make sure that there were as few bugs as possible. We wanted to make sure it was easy for the patients to use," communications manager Nicole Gendron said.

Mission accomplished.

"It's intuitive. Everything I need is right in front of me," said Elizabeth Morais, who's been a patient at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care for about eight years.

The app allows patients to input screening results and to track things like their blood pressure, weight and activities. For the 15,000 patients of Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, it's a major step forward in the management of their health care.

"For one of the first times ever, our providers will be able to see what happens in between the doctor's visits," Gendron said.

That's because the information that patients supply through the app will automatically be connected to their electronic record with a secure connection.

"Ultimately, we hope it engages patients more in their health care, and more engaged patients will be in better health over the long term, and lower cost," said Ray Lavoie of Blackstone Valley Community Health Care.

"We forget what we want to say when we get in to the doctor's office. So, this way, I will. I can refresh my memory," Morais said. "I think this will help me be more responsible for my own health care and also help me help my provider make sense of it all."

You don't have to be a patient through this health care center. Anyone can download the app.

"There are health trackers that everyone can use. There's a feature where they can take photos of their medication and set reminders in their phone to take those medications," Gendron said.

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care will be officially unveiling the free smart phone app at its community health fair, which will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at 39 East Ave. in Pawtucket.

There will be free health screenings, and you can enter to win one of 10 fitness bands known as Fitbits. You can also get help downloading and personalizing the app.

All are welcome.