Health Check: Children's Foot Center at Memorial Hospital

It's been three weeks since Jose Garcia had ankle surgery.

He was back at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island recently for a follow-up and to get his stitches out.

"Jose, as an infant, had a soft tissue mass in the inside of his ankle which was removed when he was 1 or 2 years old," said Dr. Jason Mallette, co-founder of the Children's Foot Center at Memorial Hospital.

As Jose grew and started playing basketball, he said it started hurting.

"The jumping, the running, that was kind of hard," he said.

It got to the point where Jose says he could barely walk, let alone play basketball.

"Like back pain and stuff," he said.

That's when his mother brought him to Memorial Hospital where he met Mallette.

"We have neurology. A lot of times a pediatric foot deformity has a neurological base. We have the ability to refer right within our own facility," he said. "We have the physical therapy, all the imaging studies we want are here. If we want to make a referral, it stays here."

All under one roof making it the only facility in Rhode Island that's specifically dedicated to pediatric foot and ankle problems.

As it turned out, Jose had a buildup of scar tissue.

"So we were able to free up the tendon, get it to glide the way it's supposed to function. He's only three weeks out and he's pain free," Mallette said. "He can start to put weight on it, just a little bit though. No basketball, no running and jumping."

Eventually, Mallette said Jose will have no problem playing basketball.