Health Check: Facebook post leads to kidney donation

They're not related, but the McDermotts and the Rogers consider themselves family.It started two years ago when Michael McDermott became sick."He was vomiting, he was complaining of a headache," Michael's wife, Erica, said.And his blood pressure was through the roof.{} "I ended up in the hospital and found out that my levels were at a point where my kidneys weren't functioning," Michael said.He had to do his own dialysis, every night."I had a tube sticking out of my stomach and would hook it up to a machine every night," Michael said.Michael was in badly need of a kidney transplant."He would try and run around and look like he was going to pass out taking 10 steps," Erica said.It was tough to keep up with his three daughters."The local newspaper, The Narragansett Times, did a story on me that I was looking for a donor and they sent me the link to the article and I just posted it on my Facebook page," Michael said.And that's how the Rogers family got involved.Before Michael was married, he met Michelle and Eric Rogers at a wedding seven years ago."We met once and hit it off and became Facebook friends and chatted back and forth here and there," Michael said.Then Michelle read the post about Michael needing a kidney."And when I read Mike's post I said, 'Oh my gosh, I think this is for me' and I asked my husband if he'd mind because he'd be the one taking care of me," she said."I was OK with it. In shock at first like, 'Really, you want to give up a kidney for somebody you don't know?" Eric said. "After being with her and praying about it, we knew that it was meant to be."Michelle private messaged Michael on Facebook."It was kind of surreal to find out someone I don't even know is willing to give me a second chance at life," Michael said.But first, Michelle had to go through extensive testing to make sure she was a perfect match."On Feb. 3 of this year they asked her what would be a convenient day for the surgery and that was the day that I responded I'm freaking out right now. Can you please call me so we can talk about this?" Michael said.On April 28, Michael found out he was getting a new kidney."It's just a little bit of pain, a little bit of soreness. And now for the rest of my life I get to carry around with me what this did for his family, his daughters," Michelle said.Facebook Page:{} Save My husband: looking for a kidney donor O type blood