Health Check: National March of Dimes ambassador visits RI

Aidan Lamothe

Aidan Lamothe, of Manchester, N.H., is this year's national March of Dimes ambassador.

He was giving weather forecasting a try during a visit to the NBC 10 studios on Wednesday.

"He loves Legos, gymnastics, soccer, baseball. He's just your average precocious red-headed 6-year-old," Aidan's father, Dave Lamothe, said.

All of these accomplishments are a pretty big deal.

"We had a very uneventful pregnancy, had done everything right, taken my prenatal vitamins, getting a lot of rest, eating healthy and one day I just didn't feel that well," Aidan's mother, Jill Teeters, said.

Aidan was born 24 hours later -- 12 weeks early, and weighing only 3 pounds.

"It's a very scary, bumpy road. He was so small. They were worried about his eyesight, his brain development, his lung development. So, it was a very scary time," Teeters said.

Aidan and his parents are traveling the country, spreading the word about the March of Dimes' mission to reduce premature births.

Alex and Ani is on board, selling "special delivery" bracelets in pink and blue. Twenty percent goes to the March of Dimes and the research it funds.

"Thank you for helping the babies," said Aidan.