Health Check: Online childbirth course

Dr. Stephanie Lueckel is a new mom.

"Maxton Thomas. He was 6 pounds 4 ounces. Delivered via C-section. He's now 7 weeks, 9 pounds, doing well," Lueckel said.

Leading up to his birth, this trauma surgeon at Rhode Island Hospital quickly realized she wouldn't have time for group childbirth education classes.

"Crazy hours, overnights in the hospital, most weekends I'm working," Lueckel said.

Her doctor at South County Hospital told her about something new: an online childbirth education course.

"You learn how to identify contractions. You learn the stages of labor. You're able to visualize very good graphics now of what happens with the baby," said Christine Pfeiffer, a certified nurse midwife at South County Hospital.

You learn about breathing exercises and some symptoms of pregnancy such as swelling, heartburn and backache. It's interactive so you can ask questions along the way. And after each section there's a quiz.

"Very helpful, almost I think more so than a class would have been because if I missed something or I was a little confused, I could go back to that section, listen to the video, read it again," Lueckel said.

There are other online childbirth classes out there, but South County Hospital's program is unique because parents-to-be who take this course can opt to meet one on one with a nurse if they have additional concerns or questions, and they're offered a tour of the facility, scheduled at their convenience.