Health Check: Seasons Pass program

Christine McIntyre-Hannon, of Scituate, created an acrylic piece for this year's Rhode Island Blood Center Seasons Pass program.

Frank Prosnitz of the Rhode Island Blood Center said when they first thought of the Seasons Pass program, they had no idea how well it would be received.

He said the intent was to thank those who donated blood once each season, or four times a year.

And since it began 11 years ago, there have been some pretty amazing prints, photographs and paintings from local artists that have served as a thank you to donors.

"When we began this program we had a little over 5,000 four-time-a-year donors," Prosnitz said.

Now there are more than 10,000. And those who donated at least four times in 2013 will get this year's new offering. It's an acrylic by Scituate artist Christine McIntyre-Hannon.

"Well I chose the season of spring because it's a time of renewal, and coincidentally we definitely need it to come as fast as possible," she said.

It's a whimsical painting with strategically placed symbols that address the blood center's mission.

"The strawberries that are in there, there are twelve of them, representing during the Seasons Pass the twelve lives that are saved from being a Seasons Pass blood donor which is four times a year," McIntyre-Hannon said.

To help entice people to give at least once each season, the Blood Center said Mike Dooley, a photographer who will be next year's artist. His father is alive because of blood donations.

So what can we expect next year?

"I love landscapes, I love the Rhode Island coastline. I'm constantly crawling all over the rocks anywhere that I can find anywhere from Providence all the way down to Point Judith to Beavertail to Newport. To me, sunrise in the morning is a start of a fresh new day. It's a brand new day full of hope," Dooley said.