Health Check: Stroll to raise money for The Tomorrow Fund

Ten-year-old Olivia Cataldi of Cranston is a bundle of energy.

She has no problem keeping up with her older brother, Matthew. But two years ago, Olivia was a very sick child.

"We found a lump on her neck during school vacation and went to the doctor's to have it looked at," said Olivia's mother, Kristin Altrui.

Olivia had Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

"She went through four rounds of chemotherapy," Altrui said.

"Not fun," Olivia said, "but the hospital made it fun for me."

The Tomorrow Fund also provided support.

"They help you financially, emotionally. They provided us with a parking pass. They have child life specialists at the hospital where they have treatment and they do activities with the kids, kind of make it fun for them while they're going through chemo," Altrui said.

And this July, Olivia will be two years cancer-free.

"Olivia is delightful as are all our kids. The Tomorrow Fund is called The Tomorrow Fund for a very good reason. We help the kids today so they'll have a tomorrow and so far, we look forward to Olivia's tomorrow and all of the other kids who are part of The Tomorrow Fund," said Barbara Ducharme.

Olivia is looking forward to many tomorrows to come.

"I want to go to the Olympics" to do gymnastics, she said.

There is an upcoming fundraiser for The Tomorrow Fund, and it involves families, including Olivia's. It's the Tomorrow Fund Stroll. This will be its 12th year and it'll take place April 27 at Garden City in Cranston.