Health Check: Student wants people to wear aspirin

Christian Rijos

Christian Rijos is the co-founder of Wear Aspirin, a company with a single mission -- to reduce deaths and damage cause by heart attacks.

Rijos created a line of potentially life-saving products as a result of an assignment from his classroom mentor more than a year ago when he was a freshman at the Met School in Providence.

"He's given me the opportunity to run a company such as Wear Aspirin," Rijos said.

He wants people to actually wear aspirin.

"It's very important to have aspirin on your person when you or someone around you is having a heart attack," Rijos said. "Because chewing aspirin at the very first symptom can increase chances for survival by up to 30 percent and seconds count."

But it's his way of wearing aspirin that Rijos hopes will be revolutionary. It started with some prototypes. There was a cufflink and a lapel pin.

"We worked with multiple manufacturers, multiple designers from across the state," he said.

Rijos said he went from a pill case design with a red "A" to his final design which features a simple "W."

And when you buy Wear Aspirin, it will come in a five-pack offering you five different ways of wearing it.

"A key fob, cell phone attachment, charm bracelet, universal stick on and a lapel pin," he said.

All five cost $17.95. He said surveys conducted show people would be willing to pay the price. Rijos said he's accepting preorders.

"We want to make it affordable. We want everyone to wear this so that we can reduce deaths from heart attacks by a third," he said.

Rijos has turned an assignment into a mission. But for him, it's personal.

"Most people in my family with no exaggeration die of heart attacks," he said.

Rijos said he's made many presentations to potential investors, including the American Heart Association. He said there's a lot of interest out there, but he still needs to raise more money.

Rijos said he hopes to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study engineering.