Health Check: Wiggle Kids

Wiggle Kids at the Swansea Mall

A fitness facility in Swansea was started with the belief that all children speak the universal language of fun.

For example, children have a great time bouncing on hippity hop balls. But make no mistake, it's more than just fun.

"Really good core workout, lots of balance and they just think they're having a blast," said Kimberly Ferrara, founder of Wiggle Kids.

Then there's something called Drums Alive.

"Drums Alive is a full body, full brain workout. So, with a lot of coordination, a lot of right-left brain work, we incorporate speech patterns, movement, balance works. Kids don't realize they're doing math in their heads when they count out the beats," Ferrara said.

And you know how kids like to jump on the bed? They can jump on small trampolines called rebounders.

"We offer a little bit of everything," Ferrara said.

At Wiggle Kids it's all about movement and fun.

"Wiggle Kids is an inclusive fitness studio. We work with ages 2 to 92. We promote healthy habits and fitness for all ages, all abilities," Ferrara said.

Wiggle Kids is located inside the Swansea Mall near the food court.

"We love it though because we have the food court for the parents to grab a coffee. We have great parking, we have great lighting, the security. I mean it's fantastic for us," Ferrara said.

"We go for walks sometimes while the kids are in here," Samantha Pereira said.

Pereira's daughter, Nicole, has been going four nights a week since the fall.

"She comes, sometimes, two classes a night. She loves yoga. She likes the hippity hop class. She's 18 years old. She is on the autism spectrum," Pereira said.

The fitness studio is the brainchild of Ferrara. Everybody simply calls her Coach Kim. It started small in just one room. She has expanded next door, where she has set up a yoga meditation studio and a sensory room that is great for kids with varying abilities.

"So now when we teach classes and children get a little overwhelmed or they need a break, they can go in there, get the input that they need and then come back to class and be successful," Ferrara said.

Ferrara is very busy these days, always looking to expand. She goes into the community bringing her Drums Alive program to kids in schools and other venues.

A gym membership is $39 a month with unlimited visits.