Surveillance video released in club shooting

A Providence nightclub where two men were shot will remain closed throughout the weekend as a hearing before the city's Board of Licenses continues.

The board began the hearing Monday to determine whether to take action against Club Karma.

Penalties can range from a fine to the revocation of the club's license. The proceeding is set to resume Monday.

The club has been the scene of several violent incidents in recent years.

Police say two reputed gang members from Massachusetts were shot inside the club early Saturday morning and are recovering. No arrests have been announced.

The board was shown surveillance video of the chaos that happened inside the club following the shooting at a hearing Thursday.

"Like a shot, sound came from my right ear," said Charles Snowden, a bouncer at the club who testified.

The video purportedly shows an unidentified man with long dreadlocks stuff a weapon into his waistband.

Officers who responded to the club described what they saw during their investigation.

"There was a bar on the left. I could see a pool of blood on the top of the bar and on the floor below," said Detective Robert Melaragno of the Providence Police Department.

"There was a 9mm shell casing on the floor, and that was the area where they told me the shooting had occurred," said Detective Ralph Costantino of the Providence Police Department.

The board was also shown video of someone who police believe was the shooter being let into the club at about 1 a.m.

Karma attorney Peter Petrarca disagreed.

"The guy that came in at 1 a.m. is not the guy who was running out of the hallway with the supposed gun. No way, no how. Clothes are different. Hair is different," he said.

Petrarca blamed the Strategic Security Group, the company that provides the club with bouncers, and said they weren't properly trained.

"I don't think that gentleman came through the front door. I think he came in the back door after hours. I think somebody let him in for some reason and I think it was the negligence of the security company sneaking somebody in," he said.