Hernandez's girlfriend named in search warrants

Newly unsealed search warrants in the case against former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez reveal that investigators believe Hernandez may have asked his girlfriend to get rid of the gun that he allegedly used to kill Odin Lloyd.

According to the Sun Chronicle investigators believe that Shayanna Jenkins may have been asked to dispose of the alleged murder weapon the day after the homicide took place. Two of the newly unsealed search warrants are for a search of a Bristol, Connecticut storage facility where investigators believe that Jenkins took a gun safe or lock box out of Hernandez's North Attleboro home after being instructed by Hernandez to do so the day after Lloyd's body was found.

Surveillance video shows Jenkins carrying a rigid object the size of a lock box out of the house, and then placing the item which is obscured from view by clothing, in her sister's car, that according to the documents she had previously asked to use. Jenkins returned about 35 minutes later without the object.

According to the documents police suspected that Jenkins either dumped the object or brought them to US Storage in Bristol where Hernandez paid for a unit. Investigators were able to trace a credit card payment made by Hernandez to Storage Bristol, Bristol, CT to the Mountain Road storage facility.

The weapon that was used to kill Lloyd still has not been found despite searches of the Bristol storage facility in July and days spent in Pine Lake in Bristol looking for the missing evidence.