Hillary Clinton greets supporters at Vineyard

Hillary Clinton greets supporters at a book signing in Vineyard Haven.

The gray and stormy weather on Martha's Vineyard on Wednesday meant that President Obama stayed largely out of the public eye.

But Hillary Clinton greeted supporters here in Vineyard Haven.

Dozens of people stood in line in the rain for several hours for a chance to have a copy of Clinton's new book, "Hard Choices," signed by the former secretary of state.

"She's fabulous! As much in person as she is elsewhere. She's an incredible woman and an inspiration to all of us," said Cynthia Woolbright, a Clinton supporter.

Many told Clinton that they planned to vote for her, although she has not officially declared her candidacy for president just yet.

"Oh that would mean so much to me. I spend so much of my time researching women in politics, and it's my dream to see something like that really happen," said student Lily Richards.

Clinton sparked controversy last week when she criticized President Obama's foreign policy approach in an interview with The Atlantic.

The White House had said earlier that Obama and Clinton wouldn't cross paths, even though they would both be here on the island at the same time.

But the White House now says both President Obama and Clinton will attend a private party together later Wednesday night.