Hockey thrives in West Warwick/EWG co-op team

The West Warwick/Exeter-West Greenwich hockey co-op team is having a great season with an undefeated record, and it has the state's leading scorer, senior captain Tony Rei.

But without a co-op squad neither of these two school districts would be able to have a hockey team, and for these communities it's more than just a team.

"We started the co-op about three years ago, and from day one it's been great. The kids have merged together into a team. It's really brought two communities together," said Peter Ethier, head coach of the co-op team.

"It definitely brought us together in many ways, as a group, families are tight with each other now," Rei said.

Not only does this team feel like a family, but it actually has a family on the roster: the Venturas -- freshman Alex and sophomore twins Anthony and Arianna.

"I love it. We get to go back to our families and say, 'Hey, Anthony great job with that pass.' And a lot of people don't get that opportunity. I am very fortunate," Arianna Ventura said.

"What more can you ask for? You got your brother and your sister on the same ice as you. It's great. It's just really fun," Anthony Ventura said.

Of course all three siblings look out for each other, especially Anthony. The big guy looks out for his little brother and his twin sister as well.

"But when you are out there with your brother and sister, you need to keep an eye out for them. You've got your sister and you're little brother. You got to watch out," Anthony Ventura said.

"We are a little over-protective of each other, and it's not a bad thing I guess. I love it," Arianna Ventura said.

"A few times it has happened when my sister has gotten hit or I have gotten hit, and my brother has gone in and lit the guy up. We always try and watch out for each other out there," Alex Ventura said.