Man pulled from burning home by stranger

11 Wallum Lake Road, Burrillville

Fire officials in Burrillville are crediting a passer-by for saving a local man from a burning home.

The fire at 11 Wallum Lake Road started at about 11 p.m. Thursday

Tim Durand was driving by, saw the home on fire, and rushed in to save the homeowner. NBC 10 learned Friday the man's name is John Latina.

"I was just driving by. We were coming back from a restaurant and we saw that the house was on fire so we parked at my friend's house. And I ran over and knocked on the guy's door. I pulled the screen door open, kicked his front door in and then ultimately I got him out of the house. It looked like he was sleeping," Durand said.

Durand said his instincts told him to help.

"I didn't hear any smoke detectors going off or anything so I guess he got lucky today," he said.

Neighbor Meghan McCarthy agreed.

"Seems like he's lucky to be alive. If you're sleeping and that happens. It happened in minutes," she said.

Fire officials said the fire started in the garage and spread to the rest of the home. Firefighters from several departments were called in to assist.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.