Homeowners paying more for propane, natural gas

Many people are digging deeper to pay their heating bills. Prices for propane and natural gas spiked this year.

But there's relief in sight for those who use propane. A shortage drove up prices by about 10 percent this winter.

A tanker from Norway recently arrived in Providence with about 10 million gallons of propane.

Natural gas users are also getting hit hard. The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources said the price of natural gas went up about 15 percent this winter.

"We're feeling it in Rhode Island throughout New England. It's a double whammy. We're not only paying more to heat our homes if we heat with gas, but we're also feeling the pinch in our electricity bills. Those are going up and it's actually an issue we're working on with all the other states in New England," Commissioner Marion Gold said.

Prices for heating oil stayed the same.