Horse rescued from backyard pool

The West Greenwich Fire Department and other rescue workers saved a horse trapped in a backyard pool on Monday.

Authorities said the horse, named Dixie, fell into a neighbor's pool at a home on Hudson Pond Road. Crews were able to get the animal out of the water about 30 minutes after it fell in.

"The fire department responded with wet suits. They went into the water, held the horse up. We were able to get a harness around its body and pull it out of the water," said Chief Richard Ramsay of the West Greenwich Police Department.

Veterinarian Liz Lawrence was called to check on the animal.

"They did great. They had her out of the pool before we even got here. That's great," Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the horse is doing well considering what it went through. The animal's temperature dropped from its average of 99 degrees to 92 degrees.

"She had hypothermia, which means she's cold. We're giving her warm fluids to help with that," she said.

While a horse falling into pools during the winter isn't too common, rescuers and veterinarians say they're prepared for it.

"It does happen occasionally. Not as much in pools, more in ponds and bogs and that sort of thing," Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the horse is expected to make a full recovery.