Horse rescued from icy marsh

Moonshine is a 2,000 lb. mare who got stuck when she fell through ice and mud up to her neck. Amy Cavilla first spotted the horse. "I guess if we hadn't been walking, I don't think anyone would have seen her."

Moonshine had fallen through the ice near her home in Hamilton. Rescue crews were quickly in a race against the clock.

It was a pretty big job to get a horse of about 2,000 lbs. out of the water. But firefighters and rescuers came from all over Essex County. They strapped Moonshine with ropes and chains and tugged on her with a crane truck until finally the mud budged and she was free at last.

It took Moonshine a little while to get her ice cold legs back underneath her but she eventually got back to the barn on her own power.

"She's hypothermic, but expected to be just fine said veterinarian Dr. Bryan Parrot.

Moonshine is expected to make a full recovery.