Hotel worker claims she was fired after trying to unionize

Adrienne Jones was a bartender at the Hilton Providence and claims she was let go last month after she started working with a group to unionize.

She says the hotel didn't listen to worker complaints and was violating basic labor laws.

"Fifteen-hour days on my feet without a break," Jones said.

Four months later, she says the hotel fired her for showing up to a staff meeting late. She says two other workers leading the charge to unionize were also fired within weeks of each other.

The Hilton Providence is owned by The Procaccianti Group of Rhode Island, and these hotel workers aren't the only workers that are trying to unionize. Last year, workers at the Renaissance Hotel brought up complaints and also tried to unionize.

Joey DeFrancesco quit his job from the hotel with a brass band. He now runs a website calling for the boycott of Hilton Providence and the Renaissance.

"These low wage workers are rising up to make demands and you do see companies cave in a little bit. They have to," DeFrancesco said.

The Procaccianti Group's chief legal representative Richard MacAdams told NBC 10 workers aren't following the rules in place to unionize.

"The union does not want to follow that process," he said.

He also said Jones's firing was unrelated to any issues that had to do with unionization, and was performance related.

The workers filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against the Hilton Providence in January. A hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Until then, Jones said she plans to keep speaking out.

"This is our last resort. This wasn't our first," she said.